Gouldian Finch

The Northern Territory is an outstanding birding destination comprising sandstone and woodland endemics in the North to some rewarding desert birding in the South.The Katherine region offers the opportunity to view over 230 species.

The tours are designed to observe as many species in the different habitats in the region in the timeframe allocated.  Mick Jerram is an experienced Bird Guide in the region (over 20 years) and is able to look for sought after target species.

Katherine ‘Big Day Out’ Tour
A Great Birding Enthusiasts day out, from Sun up to after Sun down. Visiting a large number of local sites within 1 hour of Katherine we view over 100 species regularly. Highlights are: Gouldian Finch, Hooded Parrot, Northern Crested Shrike-tit, Red Goshawk.

If you would like to go further afield, extra days will see us travelling to the Flora River, Mengenn (Land of the Lightning Brothers) and the Victoria River District.Often, Birding Itineraries are designed and customised for the group/individual.

Cost: AUD$280.00